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Lady Gaga ARTPOP

Good Morning everyone! Here is our little amateur review on the new album ARTPOP, one word - PERFECT!


Aura 8/10

Judging from the demo and album version, I actually like both! Each of it has different setting, power and intensity. It is a weird arrangement for a song, but the magical formula works! 

Venus 9/10

A very 80s genre. I have only one word for this song - SUPERNATURAL. From first hearing, you may seemed to feel weird - “Is it 4 songs stitched together become one?”. Not to mention dual meaning of VENUS!

G.U.Y 10/10

I never expect G.U.Y to sound like this - dark but yet vibrant vocals. Before hearing the album version, the 12 second snippet sounded like Luv U Sum vibe to me but I was wrong, this song is an instant single material! The verses, chorus and bridges in my opinion is the best through out the album. Production is great!

Sexxx Dreams 9/10

To be honest, the song sounded amazing with the live as well, however, the new bridge is better than before. The additional vocals in the chorus makes it perfect since the live one seems to lack of something. However, one star is taken away due to lack of “sexiness”

Jewels n’ Drugs 6/10

Hmm, same as live version, still need more replays to get into me (probably i am not that fond of the genre), however the bass is very full if you’re wearing in-earphones. 


The accent and the way she deliver her vocals fit the whole song genre, bubble gum pop. To be honest, the “Can you feel it” part sounds a bit like Gwen Stefani. Overall is fine but I still hope she keeps the “Help me” hook on every chorus. 

Do What You Want 10/10

Single material! I remember playing this song to my non-Gaga friends and they love it instantly. 

ARTPOP 10/10

The production is immaculate! The small details, the vocals, the strings, everything is out of this world. It’s like you’re in the outer space, rotating in endless loop while you listen to this song! I wished the “heee” vocals were a little more louder.

Swine 8/10

I could say that it is almost the same as the extended demo, but the vocals are different with a few additions to the instrumental. Sick song if you play it with full bass speakers! Makes you wanna jump. Energetic and increases your adrenaline. 

Donatella 15/10

This song has its own power and fierce to it. The lyrics are mostly self exerting but believe me, it is a very good song! “I’m a rich bitch, I’m the upper class” is probably my favorite part of lyric in the whole album! The production from Zedd is genius, making the song fierce and stomping forward! 

Fashion 7/10

I’m not sure why but the intro kinda bores me, but, the 70/80s vibe will make you wanna dance to it while you’re standing. 

Mary Jane Holland 9/10

Another brilliant verses, from the snippet, you might able to listen clearly what she sings, but plug on your earphones and experience it yourself. This song is meant for earphones, the whole extension of the instrumental fills your ear canal! I would say that this song is a hybrid of Heavy Metal Lover and Bloody Mary but in a good way - a step forward from it’s predecessors. 

Dope 10/10

From the crisp of her voice in the beginning, you can feel how sad the song could be. The pureness of her voice reminds me of Speechless. 

Gypsy 8/10

From the live version, it gives you Hair 2.0 vibe. The build up flows just nice.

Applause 7/10

Oh well, now we understand why it serves as the last track of the album. It’s suitable. Gaga said that she wish to perform the album rundown from track 1 to 15, and Applause serve as a perfect encore piece! Long live Applause!

In conclusion, I would give ARTPOP a 9 out of 10. It is by far my most favorite album to date. I never expect ARTPOP to turn out this way - everything the fans ever wanted. I was still expecting it to sound similar to Born This Way but hell yeah it did not! Now we all should understand why ARTPOP took so long !


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