4:47 AM

You make me so happy, you know exactly what to say at exactly the right times. You don't judge me, you stick up for me. You agree with what i'm saying, even if I sound stupid-anyting to stop an argument.

 I feel safe when I talk to you. I like how you're always there for me. I love how you know how i'm feeling, or how you know what not to say so I don't feel a certain way. 

I love your smile, and the way you laugh at my stupid jokes. I like how we joke around, and bully eachother. I love You, so so much!. i need to be with you forever. You make me so happy!. 

I just hope I make you feel the same.. =)


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  1. wahhhh ! nice words .

    ehem ! :D

  2. wahh.u still young but ur entry so this.if u pleasure visit n follow my blog.hehhe

  3. hafrawiey - biasa je.. :) ok.. im visit know


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