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ASSALAMUALAIKUM SEMUA? wan nak mintak bantuan drpada korang semua =)

Google sedang menjalankan vote sama ada ingin menamakan Israel ataupun Palestin dalam peta GOOGLE EARTH. Israel kini mendahului.. anda ambil berat kan?? JOM UNDI PALESTIN!!

Cara-caranya :- klik SINI. selepas itu. klik BENDERA PALESTIN dan Tulis perkataan yang di Bagi. Pastu VOTE. 


wan harap korang boleh share dengan kawan2x korang. klik butang SHARE.

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  1. thanks.. :) jgn lupa share ngan kwn2x.. :)

  2. Realy? huhu.. wan dapatkan info ni dari MAHER ZAIN MALAYSIA FAN CLUB ~_~

  3. The poll said: Share your opinion about Gaza Strip conflict.

    So, without a doubt, I would support Palestine and its people, its warriors which come from all races and religions united to face the Zionist and Zionism.

  4. Well, if you intend to vote, that's your call.. but what if the poll owner is Jews? And all the money they earned after that spent for themselves or for Jews? How is that sounds? I just want you to be more alert.. Don't simply buying it.. The issue that i brought to you isn't about Israel of Palestine.. but it's a issue whether they got you fooled or not~*

  5. and as you can see.. most voters that leave comments in there are Muslims.. but the 'vote-amount' percent for Palestine under the Palestine flag is always lower than the numbers for Israel.. Fair poll? I doubt that~ :)

  6. voted!
    moga palestine mndahului...

  7. cuba tengok kt statistic.. vote sape bnyk?

  8. bro, tengo sendiri la pie chart tu.. Israel yg menguasai.. tapi sy tau pengundi Palestine lebih banyak.. so, maksud sy di sini.. poll tu tak adil langsung.. owner poll tu nak smua Muslim di dunia ni terus undi dan undi dan undi.. so owner dia akan terus dpt bnyk duit..tambah banyak..dan tambah banyak! the owner will earned money ikut seberapa bnyk HITS yg dia dpt.. faham tak?

  9. @timvsaedlex

    I understand your points [advice] before and its argumentation. Thank you for that. I am not hacker or something like it so I can say nothing about the WHOIS data.

    Let we see this; Who own the Facebook? Most of Muslim used FB and some of them use it 'properly'. I had heard before that each time we log in on FB, it's like a bullet to Palestinian people. It may be true or not.

    So, in this case where the owner identity and motives are still unclear for both of us and non-hacker people, I would like to prefer that the reaction which come from Palestinian supporters is just, at least, show the 'spirit of consciousness' especially among Muslim.

    Plus, the website still free to use and no registration required.

    About the percentage, let see the statistical data for United States. Hence, we can know how many of them [American] voted for Israel [read: Zionist and Zionism]. How about other countries? See China, Russia, Australia and so on.

    Personally, I am clear my vote in that poll would change nothing significantly or turns the current situation 'drastically' to peace+harmony in that particular area. This is at least what I, or we, could do for Palestinian right before our death.

    Note: I see you have voted for Israel timvsaedlex. Are you want to be 'fooled' like us, too? If your hits [money afterwards] for Israel, why not we show our supports for the Palestine? =)

  10. Shamizul,

    as u said, most voters are american.. but refering to the statistic data.. the percentage of votes for Israel should be 80% and above since American used to be pro-Israel..but in the pie chart, the amount is almost u really buyin the statistic? or the percentage under the flag?

    most american who post the same issue as their entry are categorized as Israel do i..and let say the money goes to what i told you it me and the others who pro-Israel got fooled? think again.. i knew the statistic wont i just vote it for fun..i got nothing to lose.. but as friend of yours..and the other Muslims too..i think its my responsibility to remind you bout the 'something-wronged' that i sense..its your call to vote it or not.. but i just wont anyone got fooled... support for Palestine.. but the money for Israel.. yeah, we dunno that for sure..but this tricky poll are more to that i guess..its not only your vote which will not change anything..the u name it..its our vote that wont change anything.. i just don't want my muslim friends.. mengundi dengan semangatnya.. but end up with nothing~ can u see? i voted for Israel.. since i knew the history of the place called 'tanah perjanjian'(in my bible) that Israel-Palestine argue for..but it doesnt mean i hate Muslims..can u see i'm trying to be nice here? coz since my childhood.. i believed these..

    tidak semua Yahudi itu jahat..
    tidak semua Islam itu pengganas..
    tidak semua Kristian itu penindas..

    I don't bother with other blog which shows their support for Israel.. coz they got nothing to lose.. they not sounds fooled.. but Muslims? m not sayin that someone will get fooled by just voting it..but as i said, tidak mau kamu undi dengan semangatnya..but actly the money is for Jews..its just a precautions rite?

  11. just don't get me wronged.. maybe the way i communicate aren't diplomatic way.. or doesn't meet the requirement of 'good people talk'.. but i am trying to be fair to everyone..i told the world that i voted for Israel in my blog coz i absolutely got the right to whom my support belonged to*** and i am convinced enough that i never post any hate speech.. especially to Muslims.. coz i got no reason to hate Muslims.. i knew myself..


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