Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nothing feels better than


#NothingFeelsBetterThan Ni pun da jadi trends kat twitter jgak.. jom layann... ^.^

#Nothingfeelsbetterthan when your phone vibrates and it's a text message from that ONE person you've been dying to hear from!

#NothingFeelsBetterThan When you wake up in the morning, and stretch. I swear it feels amazing.

#Nothingfeelsbetterthan Finally talking to that person you been thinking about all day.

#nothingfeelsbetterthan laughing till your stomach hurts because something was so funny. best kind of pain ever.

#Nothingfeelsbetterthan my daughters saying "I love you, mommy!"

#Nothingfeelsbetterthan waking up before ya alarm goes off, look at the clock, and realize u have a few more hours to sleep :D


Cik Mizah said...

nothingfeelsbetterthan reading this entry .. ! ekekek :D

Rizwan Ewan said...

hehe..btul3!! thanks cik mizah..! :D

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