You Know I Care When

6:24 PM

credit : tumblr
#YouKnowICareWhen da jadi trends kat twitter sekarang.. :)
dengan segala hormatnya wan telah pilih tweet2 dari pengguna twitter yg wan rasa wan pun mcm 2...ok..jom baca sampai habiss..

 I text you every night before I go to bed... And every morning when I get up.

 I apologize even knowing i'm right.

 i drop everything & everyone . just for you 

 I smile spreads across my face every time I see you:)

 Your mood effects my mood.

 you have something on your mind thats putting you down and i keep asking you to tell me so i can make u feel better

 I'm always thinking of crazy ways too impress you...

 I save all your cute little messages for me to reread when I start to miss you.

 I remember something significant that you told me a long time ago.

 i share with you the tragedies that i've been through because i usually just keep them bottles up inside

 i worry, get jealous, get mad, get upset, ask questions. And i'd do anything just to see you smile.

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  1. YouKnowICare when i'm dying to see such a great words from you..keh3...

  2. heheh!! pndai bebenor cik mizah ni . . ;) thanks care..huhu


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